When I saw these images I KNEW I needed to provide my interpretation to them. 

It reminds me of how surreal a time in history we all find ourselves. And that there are over 7 billion stories playing out. It is my personal hope and prayer that after all of this that we act more like ONE human family. That we care for each other like brothers and sisters.

Three things that struck me when I saw this earlier today. 

1. Humor is the best medicine 
2. This little girl is acting 'out' what we are all feeling now. 
3. She is delivering an Oscar-worth performance. 

-I just had to score this PERFECT scene

When we are eventually past Covid-19, my hope is that all of us are forever changed.   That we each draw to each other in kindness.   That we allow this kindness shown to us to be paid forward to the next person. 
This has made me personally 'look around' more to see the need and not the cause. 

A message to Covid-19... 

You are strong, but you are no match for the human family's capacity of pulling together.   I so much enjoyed writing to this 'story'.


Forward Together

Again...I could not help myself.   I just had to write music to THESE images. 

I am inspired as see people from all walks of life expressing love, joy, and gratitude in their own unique way. 

All living separate lives but HOPING TOGETHER.

At its essence, this video is the most organic measure of love I've seen. With stories such as this, it seems to me, that it is in all our divine natures to do the right thing - to be the best version of ourselves. 

This act of kindness will influence this 7 year old Jasper throughout his life. Love is the gift that keeps on giving. 

I was so moved by this I just had to score it.   As one car after another passes by I was overcome with emotion and felt peace that there are these sort of things happening all around us - everyday. This makes me want to be more.