When scoring a film, one of the most important tasks is to find the story’s emotional center in the musical themes I will write for it. For me, it has always been important to read the script (well before even principal photography). Through the story on the page, I enter and live in this ‘world’ and explore thematic ideas that might enhance and even sit as a ‘character’ within it. 

I love this process. 

I so enjoy the relationship I have with film directors through this process. Most of the time through this exploration, I’ll hear back on proposed themes something like the following… “It’s good music, Rob, but probably not right for this film, etc.” And then I get back to work writing other themes – rereading the script – rinse and repeat. 

I have had the great pleasure to work with Garrett Batty on several feature films (Saratov Approach, The Journey Home, Freetown, Out of Liberty, and Carpenter). Garrett and his team are in preproduction on his next film. All I have to say is the story is beautiful and compelling. Ever since first reading the script a few months back, I find myself thinking of it almost daily – the story just really moves me. 

Today I sent over a new musical theme for Garrett’s review. In this somewhat roller-coaster ride of a profession - that of Film Composer - you work hard to have these experiences. They don't happen every day but occur often enough to make the work deeply fulfilling. Here is his email reply below: 


“I clicked play. 
I don't know if it's because I've been working around the clock trying to get this project going, or because I'm just a big baby, but I found myself weeping at this theme. 
You, sir, are a gift. 
I'm going to go pull myself together and see if I can't get through it again. 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Please click on these below to download files

He can carry me_sheet music_Strings Here is a zipped file with the String Quartet parts and one of the FULL score. Please share this music with anyone you know. 403 KB
He can carry me_sheet music Chord symbols have been included for anyone who wants to sing/play this in a different key. 158 KB

Press Release : Scoring new TriStar basball film 

I am excited to score this 'turn of the century' baseball film with Director David Mickey Evans (The Sandlot) and Producer Dave Bresnahan.   Writing a 'baseball score' has been one of my TOP 5 'bucket list' things to do.


Dudes and Dragons is now on SHOWTIME 

Hey friends looks like you can watch this hilariously epic film I scored on Showtime.   Think Lord of the Rings meets Princess Bride.   I loved writing in these idiomatic styles.   Hope you like it.