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He can carry me_sheet music_Strings Here is a zipped file with the String Quartet parts and one of the FULL score. Please share this music with anyone you know. 403 KB
He can carry me_sheet music Chord symbols have been included for anyone who wants to sing/play this in a different key. 158 KB

Press Release : Scoring new TriStar basball film 

I am excited to score this 'turn of the century' baseball film with Director David Mickey Evans (The Sandlot) and Producer Dave Bresnahan.   Writing a 'baseball score' has been one of my TOP 5 'bucket list' things to do.


Dudes and Dragons is now on SHOWTIME 

Hey friends looks like you can watch this hilariously epic film I scored on Showtime.   Think Lord of the Rings meets Princess Bride.   I loved writing in these idiomatic styles.   Hope you like it.

Just added two trailers I score - Just Let Go and Freetown
I so enjoyed working on both of these trailers' scores.  :) (go to 'Filmscores' tab and scroll down)
Two new 'Image Piece' short vids.
I really enjoyed working on these two projects for the talented film-maker, Rachel Webster (Captain & the Fox).   Both stories are about remarkable young people finding education and then 'paying it forward' in their homes of their births (Malaysia and South Africa).   I love working on ethnic-based films allowing me to use instruments and musical styles of the region.   Go to 'Image Pieces - scores' tab and it will be the first two short videos.

All the best,  Rob